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We are a group of Christians working together to spread the gospel in southern Maryland. We believe that the Bible is our ultimate standard and we do our best to follow the Bible without adding to or taking away from it.
What to Expect: 
When you visit us, you can expect a warm welcome! If you come on Sunday morning or Wednesday night for our Bible study, there will be classes available for all ages (children and adults). In the children’s classes, we have passionate and dedicated teachers, all with more than ten years of experience teaching children’s Bible classes. In the adult class, you can expect a lively and interactive discussion of a Bible passage or topic related to our daily lives. Bible study lasts about 45 minutes.If you join us for our Sunday morning worship service, we will be singing and praying together. There will also be readings from the Bible and a practical lesson taught from the pulpit. Our worship service usually lasts about an hour.At the Calvert County church of Christ, you will not find perfect people. You will not find judgmental people. Instead, you will find family. You will find appreciation. You will find love. Instead of thinking that any of us are any better than anyone else, we’re trying to follow Jesus and to help those around us to follow Him, too.Worship is simple, because it’s not about us or customs or traditions. It’s about Jesus. We seek to honor Him in our worship and to honor Him according to the New Testament.Regardless of what you might need, we’re ready to help. We’ll study Scripture with you. We’ll pray with you. We’ll struggle with you. We’ll do whatever it takes to help you live at the foot of Jesus’ cross. If we can help in any way whatsoever, please do not hesitation to ask. We are here to glorify God and to serve you!
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